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Spring Day Trips


Most March garden blogs consists of lists. You know what I mean. They include all the “shoulds” that need to be done for our gardens to be up and running for the season. And that’s very helpful. However, after the year we have all just been through, I thought it might be more useful to compile a different list. A list of places we could travel to, all day trips, where we could enjoy the beauty of a New England spring day.




Garden in the Woods is a 45 acre botanical garden that is part of the Native Plant Trust. The emphasis here is on native New England plants. Over 1,000 natives can be found on display here, including 100 species that are rare and endangered. The area was sculpted by retreating glaciers and includes a kettle pond, steep sided valleys and eskers, which are long sinewy ridges with flat land on either side.

The recently renovated Curtis Woodland Garden is a spring garden with a canopy of trees that allow light to filter down to the spring blooming plants. Pick up a map and check out the different areas of the property which include a meadow, a lily pond, a brook, wildlife garden and a rain garden.

Their website says they will be open to the public starting Sunday, April 11. However, their daily hours are not posted yet. Take a look at their website, to find out what the hours will be. Call or check website to learn about the advance ticketing system they are using again this year to keep crowds at a minimum.


400 Hog House Hill Road

Exeter, RI 02822

Every spring Keriann Koeman and her husband Jeroen Koeman open up their Wicked Tulips Flower Farm to visitors. Each year they plant 800,000 tulip bulbs for sale at their online store. Before the fields are turned over the public is invited to come to the farm and pick the flowers before the fields are turned over to harvest the bulbs.

Tickets go on sale a few days before they open. They are sold in hourly increments to keep crowds to a minimum. Visit their website for complete information on Tickets, Ticket Policies and hours. Ticket price includes 10 stems of tulips and more can be purchased for $1.00 a stem.



BOYLSTON, MA 01505-0598

“Hello Spring” at THBG runs from April 1 – May 31, 2021. A visit to THBG is always worth the trip, especially in the spring. Over 25,000 daffodils bloom in a field, creating a cheerful sea of orange, yellow and white. The other spring blooming plants at this botanic garden include tulips, magnolias, lilacs, hyacinths and more! Check out their Bloom Calendar to see what will be at their peak when you visit.

Tickets must be purchased online at their website.

Here’s hoping that you get a chance to visit one of these wonderful spots. We are so fortunate to have them nearby to brighten our days!


P.S. Remember, you can go back to last March’s blog to reread the list of actions you can take to help out make your garden a healthier place.

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